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 I want you to clearly understand why I am directly addressing you on print media on a space we had to under-write. We know the overwhelming majority of your APRC base are illiterate and may not be able to read this message. Clearly, we are cognizant of the limited efficacy of this medium, and that is because we have no access to public media belonging to all of us, created for the benefit of all citizens, regardless of political considerations. We would like to use the national radio and Tv, to publicly share our common hopes and aspirations for our country with you our brothers and sisters. Our inability is not our own choice or making. You APRC supporters hold the keys. Be assured that we remain kept outside of the gates of national public media infrastructure owned by all of us, and locked unilaterally by you, because today you believe you are powerful and we appeared to you otherwise. Your fellow citizens at GMC have mandated me as their leader to bring to your notice the obvious – that they see you as their compatriots, not enemies or competitors. They view our political differences as a natural consequence of the way each of us thinks differently. We know you understood that as human beings, it is impossible for all Gambians to think alike, act alike or support alike. We appreciate that you understood it is impossible for all Gambians to love the same music or dance to the same tune. That would be very unnatural. Therefore, is it hard to understand why we cannot all support the same political party? Should our differences in ideas or perspectives be a source of irreconcilable acrimony or hostility? Should the effect of the natural endowment granted to us by our Creator, to view or approach ideas and perspectives differently be a source of punishment or victimisation against them from you and your Party? They have requested me to ask you to think in the reverse. Your party is in government today but that fact shall not last forever. There would come a time, sooner or soon when your party shall be out of power. Imagine that when that happens, and it shall, inspite of the fact that we are all Gambians a GMC government were to treat you in like manner. Please take this as merely hypothetical. 


Imagine if a GMC government were to:

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1. Deny you your right to access state media to  

    disseminate your views, or if at all, asphyxiate the   

    right for freedom of the press.

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2.   Deny your rights to hold political activities or if at all, severely restricted your constitutional rights.

3.  Use the security forces or similar agencies misapply laws to frustrate the growth of your democratic political penetration and support in the country.

4.   Use the judiciary against you as an instrument to validate predetermined political decisions with perverted judicial verdict.

5.   Legislate laws that would negate your existence as a viable and vibrant political entity, keeping you permanently weak and ineffective.

6.   Use the electoral system to scuttle your prospects at ever forming a government or winning elections in any substantial manner.

7.    Deny you the opportunity to raise adequate funds so as to undertake social development projects or establish proper national presence.

8.   Treat you as unpatriotic traitors of your own 

       people and as those who hate their own country.

9.   Use repressive practices with the local government system to keep your supporters in rural communities perniciously whittled down.

10.  Marginalised you in all aspects of governance. 

How would you feel if a GMC government was to do all these things against you? What would be your consequent attitude and reaction under the above hypothetical circumstances? We know you are reasonable. Think deeply. What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. We ask not for special treatment. Our demand is simple: the right to be treated equally as citizens, enjoying same constitutional rights, facilities and opportunities as you do. Nothingmore. We have nothing against you. Our beef is against the system your party installs as governance practice. You wouldn’t want us to do the same against you. You have the choice and the power now to change the negative official attitude of your leaders in authority, against your fellow citizens. Fairness is a universal principle, while the contrary often provokes like reaction, sooner or soon. Remember, comparative experience globally proved that democratic change does dawn, often assuming startling colours with unpredictable trajectory. Your compatriots at GMC have mandated me to remind you, that they are Gambians like you; human beings like you. They demand you to treat them just as you would like them to treat you, if you were at the position of changing political fortunes. They demand your appreciation of potential implications on national stability as a consequence of  your own actions. They would like to remind you that no political condition is permanent, and that the sun does not shine on only one person’s rooftop. Most importantly, they requested me to assure you that a GMC government shall live by its oaths in ensuring your rights, sharing compassion, opportunities and consideration for all citizens. We know that The Gambia belongs to all her citizens, and GMC lays no superior claim to an each of Gambian soil against an APRC supporter. We belong to the same Gambian family. Therefore, our different political views, divergence or leanings, is merely a reflection of our ongoing Gambian family conversation. Even Allah who created us all, permitted all of us the freedom to believe in Him or not, worship Him or not. He does not deprive any of us this right throughout our appointed days on earth. In this lies great wisdom for persons of conscience, for a faith nation like ours. I conclude this PUBLIC MESSAGE with salutations of peace and love, from your compatriots at GMC.

Long Live the Republic of The Gambia. May Allah Bless the Republic of The Gambia!! Issued for andon behalf of GMC (The Gambia & Diaspora chapters).


Mai Ahmad Fatty 

GMC Party Leader


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