GMC vows to protest against Mai Fatty’s disqualification


By Omar Bah

The Gambia Moral Congress diaspora president has disclosed that the party supporters living abroad will organise a massive protest against the Independent Electoral Commission’s decision to reject party leader Mai Fatty’s nomination.

The electoral body Saturday cleared only six candidates to contest next month’s presidential polls, rejecting the nominations of GMC and 14 other aspirants, mainly independent candidates.


The GMC leader, who was rejected for not producing the required 200 voters in support of his nomination from Banjul, said he was disappointed by the IEC’s decision and has since filed an appeal against the decision.

However, speaking to The Standard from his base in France, Amadou Sisawo better known as Amadou By-force, said: “If they fail to reverse their decision, we will stage a massive protest and tell the whole world how incompetent they are and how dangerous that could be for this country heading to a very important election.”

Mr Sisawo urged all other political parties to join forces and demand the IEC to do the right thing before it is too late.

“We have all seen the incompetence demonstrated by the IEC during the 2016 presidential election. We must do everything to ensure that they don’t repeat such mistakes this time around because the stakes are even higher,” he warned.

He said the electoral commission’s decision to reject Mai’s nomination is unjustifiable because the party has confirmed that it has submitted all required numbers for Banjul.

“The GMC is a disciplined political party but we are not going to let this one go unchallenged. If the IEC fails to reverse their decision within a week, we will react with the strongest possible force. The IEC should not be given the room to cause another impasse because this country deserves better,” he added.