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Gomez tackles ‘Operation 3 Years Jotna’

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By Omar Bah

The leader of the Gambia Party for Democracy and Progress, Henry Gomez, who is also an adviser to President Adama Barrow, has said that those printing T-shirts calling themselves ‘Operation 3 Years Jotna’ should know that there will be no election in The Gambia until 2021 because President Barrow is to serve the five-year term mandated by the country’s constitution.

Speaking on a Star FM radio interview to be aired today, Gomez said those behind that campaign should have come forward to do similar campaigns against Jammeh.
“Why were they not printing T-shirts to campaign against Jammeh in the last 22 years?” he asked.

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Gomez argued that no one can guarantee that if Barrow steps down after three years, his successor will hand over the country after just two years.
“I want to advise President Barrow to stay in power until 2021 as provided by the Gambian constitution. We are only going for elections in 2021 and any political party which is ready to face the battle should prepare for 2021 because there will be no election before that time,” he said.

Gomez alleged that “most of the noise” is coming from one political party “but we should understand that this Coalition was not formed by an individual party,” adding that Gambians will only know Barrow’s value after he has left.
He continued: “It doesn’t matter how much development Barrow may bring; those who do not like him will never like him, but I think the truth is he has done a lot in this country. People should be honest enough to acknowledge that. President Barrow did not force anyone to follow him but people are coming in their numbers to openly show their support to him.”

Youth movement
Gomez said there is no political motive behind the Barrow Youth for National Development, adding, “I am very sure if President Barrow intends to form his political party nothing can stop him from doing that. The only thing I want to make clear is that those old men who want to use our State House as a holiday should realise that this country will be led by young people in the next 50 years.
“Barrow told me he is not power hungry and that whenever Gambians want him to go, he will go, but until the end of the five years, we are ready for anything and ready to answer anywhere.”

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Henry Gomez further asserted that he fully supports the president’s decision to remove Ya Kumba Jaiteh from the National Assembly, saying the “president cannot appoint anyone in a position and you in turn want to play with him.”

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