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By Omar Bah

The Ministry of Justice has written to all government institutions where officials adversely mentioned by the TRRC are currently employed to notify them of their suspension.

In its White Paper, the government said it has accepted the TRRC recommendations to suspend all individuals that were adversely mentioned during the public hearings of the TRRC pending retirement or termination of their contracts.

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Contacted for comments on the issue yesterday, the deputy director of civil litigation, Counsel Kimbeng Tah, said notification letters were sent to all the institutions.

“It was done by institution; some were sent out a week ago; those for further investigation and the individuals for banning or suspension were sent out today [Monday]. All individuals recommended for banning and accepted by the White Paper or for prosecution are notified. We sent them the entire table of those recommended for banning or prosecution and told them to confirm those still in service, suspend them and notify us,” Counsel Tah said.

Adversely mentioned officials

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Malamin Ceesay

The Municipal Police Commissioner, Kanifing Municipal Council, Malamin Ceesay, has been found to have played a key role in the elaborate cover up by destroying and concealing evidence to prevent truth-seeking and pursuit for justice. Ceesay was a police commissioner and head of the Major Crime Unit when the 67 West African migrants were massacred in The Gambia in 2005 by the Jugulars.

Gorgui Mboob

The commander of the Anti-Crime Unit, Gorgui Mboob has been found to have assaulted a teacher Ousman Sabally by striking him with his baton and gunbutt during the 2000 student demonstrations, causing him serious injury. He was also found to have unlawfully shot into a building at St. Augustine’s High School resulting in unlawful damage and injury to three students. The government has accepted the TRRC recommendation to prosecute him as well as ban him from holding public office for five years.

Alagie Kanyi

Alagie Kanyi, who works at the Gambia Immigration Department, has been found to have taken part in the extra-judicial killing of 11 soldiers and the torturing of another 11 during the November 11 coup attempt in 1994. He also participated in the murder of former finance minister, Ousman Koro Ceesay.  The government has accepted a ban from holding public office for ten years. He was also recommended for amnesty.

Ebrima Jim Drammeh

The director of operations, Drug Law Enforcement Agency, Ebrima Jim Drammeh has confessed to torturing some detainees at the NIA while he was director of operations there. Drammeh has been indicted by the TRRC for his role in forcing the alleged drug suspects to confess to crimes they have denied. The government has agreed to ban him from holding public position for ten years.

Ensa Badjie (Jesus)

The police commissioner, Upper River Region and former IGP under Jammeh, Ensa Badjie is found responsible by the TRRC for ‘ordering the persecution, arbitrary arrest, and detention, torture, inhuman and degrading treatment of the victims of witch-hunt, some of whom have died following the incident. The TRRC has recommended for him to be prosecuted and banned from working in the state security or government in general.

Lamin Darboe

The head of special operations, SIS, Lamin Darboe is adversely mentioned to have participated in the beating, electrocuting, and stripping naked of suspected drug dealers to force them to confess at the NIA premises. Darboe and his team are also found wanting of participating in the torture of the suspects of the December 30th 2014 attack on State House and recommended for him to be prosecuted over allegations of torture.

Lamin Senghore (The Assassin)

Lamin Senghore, an operative at the Drug Law Enforcement Agency who was a low-ranked soldier during the November 11, 1994 alleged coup attempt is found to have participated in the extra-judicial killing of the coup plotters. He has also been implicated in the torture of Sanna B. Sabally and Sadibou Hydara. The TRRC has recommended for him to be banned from holding public office for 10 years.

Baboucarr Njie

Baboucarr Njie (De Chebb or Njie Ponkal), instructor, Gambia Armed Forces is implicated in the torture of the November 11 coupists. The TRRC recommended for him to be banned from holding public office for 10 years.

Baboucarr Ahmad Njie

Baboucarr Ahmad Njie (B.A. Njie), GAF headquarters, Banjul is also implicated in the torture of the 1994 alleged coupists and faces 10 years ban from holding public office.

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