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Gov’t announces bread price at D7 per loaf

Gov't announces bread price at D7 per loaf

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 Amid a sudden escalation of bread price in town, the Gambia government yesterday issued a strongly worded statement urging traders to keep the price at D7 per loaf.

 The full statement reads:

“Following the recent increase in the price of locally produced flour, the Ministry of Trade, Industry, Regional Integration and Employment MOTIE is hereby informing the general public that: 1. An agreement has been reached with Nessim Trading Company Limited for the price of Ferry brand flour to be restored to D1, 425.00 per bag, Bridge brand at D1, 385.00 and Golden Brown maintained at D1, 350 with immediate effect. 2. Locally produced flour should not be exported to neighboring countries in line with the earlier press release from this Ministry. 3. Bakeries are encouraged to buy flour from the factory to save costs and benefit from other applicable discounts. Given that flour milling companies have agreed to restore their original prices as stated above, this Ministry is calling on all bakeries to continue their production of bread and ensure that the price of bread is maintained at D7 per loaf. The public is hereby reassured that the ministry and the MOTIE/GCCPC is fully committed to ensuring the availability and affordability of essential commodities including flour and will work diligently to find a permanent solution as we grapple with global price increments brought about by the effects of Covid-19 on global supply chains.

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