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‘Gov’t must focus on delivering to Gambians’

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yusupha jaiteh

By Ebrima Jallow

Yusupha Jaiteh, former deputy leader of the Gambia Democratic Congress has called on the government to concentrate on delivering their campaign promises and stop the rhetoric of seeking for second term in office.
“The other five years could be given to them if they deliver. And delivering would give them another five years. It will be easier to have another five than not to deliver and wanting to force or impose themselves on Gambians. They will lose,” he said in a Standard exclusive.
“Let them work and deliver to Gambian people and do the best thing for Gambians. If Gambia becomes nice and people are having money, doing business and making money they will have another five years even if they want another twenty five years but without that, they cannot,” he added.
Asked about his take on the TRRC, he replied: “It is good because it is truth and reconciliation but it shouldn’t be bias. If it becomes bias then it is not meaningful to the democratisation process.”

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