Gov’t strikes US$79M waste management deal


By Baba Sillah

Continental Africa, a US-based company recently signed an MoU with The Gambia government under which the company has pledged to commit some US$79 million towards a waste management project.
Speaking to journalists Samuel Biwosi, the Chief Executive Officer of the company said all what they are asking from the Gambia government is to provide land for the project. “The project is all about recycling waste products into energy; all the municipalities would be involved so that they can come to an agreement to implement the project and we want to work in partnership with government to solve the problem of Africa,” the CEO added.
He also highlighted the company’s reason for choosing the Gambia among the African countries for this million dollar pilot project.

“There are a couple of reasons for choosing The Gambia for this pilot project, because when we came here we looked at the strategic location of The Gambia for the project and also its access to international market and a gateway to all the Ecowas member countries. The Gambia is at a point where it needs to have access to all these markets,” he said.


He also said the project will help The Gambia’s energy sector a lot which is important for any development to take place. Mr Biwosi recalled that after having consultation with local energy company, NAWEC on the major challenges facing the company, they met other energy with a view to help overcome the problem of energy which paved way to the conceptionalistion of this project.