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Gov’t to spend over D2bln on travels, others

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By Omar Bah

The government has earmarked D2,283,377,174 as general expenses on travels, allowances, fuel, vehicle purchase and maintenance for the year 2023. According to the breakdowns in the 2023 budget estimates, the money will be expended on travels D291,484,4 80; presidential visit to the provinces D10,000,000; movement of diplomatic staff D15,500,000; telecommunication expenses D66,678,443; electricity, water & sewage D246,173,041; rents and rates D309,689,705; purchase of fuel and lubricants D225,920,380; maintenance of vehicles D80,330,316; operation and maintenance of boats D5,500,000; maintenance of buildings and facilities D39,569,717; maintenance of plant and machinery D150,000; maintenance of furniture D800,000; maintenance of equipment D23,489,132.

Office of the President
Meanwhile, the Office of the President is projected to spend over D105, 000, 000 as its expenditure on travels, allowances and vehicle maintenance. According to the 2020 budget estimates, the Office of the President’s allowances alone stand at D50,421,838; travel expenses D50,000,000; telecommunication expenses D2,600,000; electricity, water & sewage D20,000,000; purchase of fuel and lubricants D20,000,000; maintenance of vehicles D5,000,000; maintenance of buildings and facilities D3,000,000; maintenance of equipment D1,300,000; stationery D1,200,000; miscellaneous office expenses D1,000,000; printing expenses D650,000; advertisements and publications D600,000; uniforms and protective clothing D200,000; training D500,000, fees and handling charges D200,000; operating costs D1,250,000; social expenses D3,450,000, contribution to international org. D800,000; office equipment D1,200,000; furniture and fittings D1,000,000; motorbikes and bicycles D250,000 and management of household division D26,338,265; centralised service D7,567,139; cabinet office D950,000; Press and Publication Unit D1,021,500; Office of the National Security D1,630,000; protocol division D1,500,000; State Guard Battalion D43,458,000 and Strategic Analysis, Planning D1,950,000.

Other general expenses
According to the budget estimates, other general expenses amount to D1,027,236,081. The money will be on repatriation expenses D700,000; reparations D75, 000, 000; food and food services D312,280,500; arbitration and court awards D50,000,000; upkeep of State Guards D30,000,000; VIP Lounge Charges D250,000; insurance D9,685,000; bank charges and bank related costs D2,570,000; refund of rev. collected in previous years D5,000,000; fees and handling charges D102,020,578; expenses of committees D24,745,100; payment to witnesses D400,000; upkeep of State House D17,250,000; upkeep of VP residence D3,050,000; payment for school bus service to GTSC D11,700,000; studies and surveys D7,633,158; operating costs D14,188,000; environmental surveys D1,200,000; supervision D9,231,530; settlement of confirmed debts D303,000,000; data storage facilities and fees D50,000; data collection D3,310,000; resource mobilisation D600,000; expatriate quarterly allocation D1,000,000; unified local government service commission D1,100,000; national security operations D215,000; special services expenses D6,657,215; constituency development fund D29,000,000; and social expenses D5,450,000.

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