Gov’t urged to solve Makumbaya, Babylon land dispute


By Aisha Tamba

A group of elders from Makumbaya yesterday walked into offices of The Standard to state their dissatisfaction over the slow response of government in handling a land dispute that has been raging for the past 14 years.

 According to the elders, the protracted dispute is between the village and one Lamin Jarjue, and the issue had led to court cases and even imprisonment of many people from Makumbaya.


The elders warned that their patience is running out, urging the government to solve the dispute before the end of Ramadan.

The elders also threatened that if the government fails to find a solution, they will find one for themselves.

Kebba Jammeh, one of the elders, said since violence erupted over the matter in 2018, the government has abandoned the long-running land dispute between the people of Makumbaya and Lamin Jarjue whom they alleged is agitating for separate village status for Babylon. Jarjue had always claimed that he has a rightful claim to the land called  Babylon having inherited it from his parent.

Abdou Colley, another elder, urged the government to settle the matter before it gets worse. “I was born and brought up in Babylon and I inherited my land from my father. I want something done at the end of Ramadan. We are tired of going up and down all these years for only one issue,” he said.

 Another, Ebrima Colley, added: “We want the government to respect our statement and settle this matter. If they don’t, we will be forced to take a step.”