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Gov’t urged to tackle rising crime rate, police brutality

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A group of Gambians, called Manding Network, with membership all over the world has urged the Barrow administration to fight against rising crime rate and police brutality.
In a statement signed by the group’s international president, Lamin Anta Jajur, shared with The Standard, the group lamented: “The Gambia has been faced with a significant rise in crime and law-breaking. This has provoked a sense of insecurity and an increasing lack of trust in the police.”

The group said the issue of fraud is also becoming more common.
“Our society also has direct influence in making criminals. This is why our network is working on reviving and promoting our cultures towards ensuring peace, empowering citizens, fighting against crime and conflict. The existence of Manding Network comes at a crucial time. We are committed to ensure that our kids speak our local language and associate themselves with our tradition. It is shameful and a disgrace to see our culture dying.”

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The statement added: “Our culture is dynamic. We believe all these crimes and tribal issues here and there are happening because we have turned our backs from our culture. We know ignorant or selfish people will be calling us all kinds of names in order for society to doubt us. But in unity there is strength. We can move mountains when we’re united and enjoy life”.

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