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GPA conducts annual maritime security exercise

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By Baba Sillah
& Zainab Sesay

The management of Gambia Ports Authority yesterday observed its annual maritime security exercise as part of its mandate to providing a coordinated response to possible threats to maritime security and ports related emergencies.
Explaining the overall objective of the exercise, Mam Pateh Dampha, deputy harbor master of GPA said the exercise aims to test the operational effectiveness of the Port Facility Security Plan [PFSP] and Port Contingency Plan [PCP] as well as the readiness of government agencies in providing a coordinated response to possible threats to maritime security and port related emergencies.

The exercise he said will enable GPA to test and evaluate its security and emergency plans and procedures, test command, coordination, resource availability and response to several services involved in port security and safety.
“The exercise reflects GPA’s resolve in fulfilling its international obligations by continuously complying with requirements in the ISPS Code to safeguard the maritime activities in the port of Banjul.

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“Ensuring a safe and secure port is a shared responsibility thus the exercise will showcase the close co-operation among various national enforcement agencies and other stakeholders in the industry,” Pated disclosed.

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