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GPF raises number plate price for vehicles, motorbikes

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According to a dispatch made available to journalists yesterday, the new price regime imposed by the IGP’s office took immediate effect.

It reads: “The Office of The Inspector General of Police wishes to inform the general public that there has been an increment in the price of number plates.  Starting with immediate effect, the price of a motor cycle number plate has been increased from three hundred dalasi (D300, 00) to six hundred dalasis (D600, 00). The price for a motor vehicle number plate has been increased from six hundred dalasi (D600, 00) to one thousand dalasi (D1000, 00).

“Furthermore, this office has observed that several vehicles bear number plates that are different from those officially issued. It therefore warns all motorists to ensure that their motor vehicles or cycles bear the Gambia Police Force issued number plates and not use any other. Additionally, all are also informed that all imported motor vehicles must have a number plate before they are cleared from the port. Those who fail to comply with this regulation will have legal action taken against them. The Office of the Inspector General of Police thanks the general public for its usual support and cooperation.”  


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