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GRA boss says new 5-year plan imperative

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Yankuba Darboe made the comment yesterday at a stakeholder consultative meeting on the 2015-2019 draft strategic plan of GRA at the Kairaba Beach Hotel. 

He told the personnel of the authority and other delegates: “This consultative forum is meant to introduce to our key stakeholders, the strategic path of GRA in the next five years; specifically, the vision, mission, values and strategic goals and objectives. It is also an opportunity for us to hear the views of customers, partners and stakeholders on the strategic path GRA has chosen to follow; of course, after detailed analysis of the environment that we think can influence the execution of our mandate as a revenue administration. To come up with the draft strategic plan, several preparatory works were done including the conduct of two surveys between the fourth-quarter of 2013 and the first-quarter of 2014. One of the surveys was on VAT implementation whilst the other was on GRA service delivery. The service delivery survey specifically gained feedbacks on the general perception of GRA service delivery, modernisation reform, taxpayer education services, perception on staff, trade facilitation, and use of commercial banks for tax payment. An evaluation of the existing GRA strategic plan 2010-2014 was also carried out that brought out the achievements, shortcomings, and lessons learnt in the course of implementing the plan.

“As part of the environmental scanning exercise, GRA also carried out a political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal factors analysis that examined the potential impacts of the environment in which GRA operates. Thus, the analysis will help us identify and take advantage of opportunities and prepare plans to guide us against threats. The draft strategic plan also recognises the ability of the internal challenges and opportunities that can influence the attainment of the corporate objectives during the plan. As a revenue authority, strategic management continues to be an important tool for institutional strengthening by providing the mechanism for resource allocation and evaluation of performance against expected outputs. We are hopeful that this one-day consultation will further enrich the document and help serve our clients, partners and government.”


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