GRA CG receives Africa’s Patriotic Personality Award


By Omar Bah

The Gambia Revenue Authority commissioner general Yankuba Darboe has been awarded the LEADS Africa Prestigious Award for his “exemplary leadership of the authority”.

LEADS Africa is a pan-African student organisation comprising all democratically elected students’ union bodies in Africa with its secretariat in Nigeria. The organisation’s objective is to create platforms for capacity building, peer review and networking amongst student leaders across Africa. It says Commissioner Darboe has been awarded in recognition of his leadership qualities and GRA’s unprecedented revenue performances. Mr Darboe was given the award at the GRA conference hall on Tuesday.


Presenting the award to Mr Darboe, the head of advocacy LEADS Africa, stated that Mr Darboe was awarded based on merits.

“We were keenly following the numerous successes registered by the GRA under the leadership of CG Darboe and due to his achievement we decided to award him in appreciation of his good leadership,” he said.

He said the award was particularly triggered by GRA’s impressive revenue performance in 2021, a year the authority registered about D12.7 billion.