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GRA commends sister security agencies’ role in revenue mobilisation

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The Commissioner General of the Gambia Revenue Authority has commended the authority’s sister security institutions for the role they play in its revenue collections.
Yankuba Darboe told journalists over the weekend that GRA sister security forces continue to play a critical role in the maintenance of peace and stability which eventually translates to the business community’s confidence to invest in the country.
“This obviously helps GRA to collect the much-needed revenue for complementing government in national development. In the absence of peace and stability, GRA cannot collect the needed revenue for government. So, we will continue to intensify our working relationship with other sister forces to enhance effective service delivery,” he added.
CG Darboe saidt over the years, his institution has enjoyed an excellent working relationship with sister security forces such as the Gambia Police Force, State Intelligent Services, the Gambia Army Forces and the Gambia Immigration Department.
According to the GRA boss, the authority shares information with its sister security forces with respect to its work in most of the border posts.
“We have to develop this country by ourselves but if we want to achieve that, we must work as a team and have the same agenda and put the country’s interest first. It is in this spirit that I want to commend the top commands of our sister security forces for their leadership roles in collaborating with GRA to achieve our revenue targets,” he added.
He said the GRA cannot collect all the revenue needed without the participation and support of its sister security forces.
“The need to complement each other for the economic development of our country cannot be overemphasized, especially when it comes to tax collection, all hands should be on deck. So, the sister securities are helping GRA achieve its targets. We cherish the relationship and appreciate all of them in this respect,” he added.

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