GRA top officials in Dakar for annual bilateral convergence


By Maimuna Sey-Jawo A high-level delegation from the Gambia Revenue Authority is currently in Dakar for an annual bilateral meeting with their Senegalese customs authority. The delegation, which left the shores of Banjul on 4 December, was headed by the Commissioner General of GRA Alagie Yankuba Darboe, and accompanied by his directors. The three-day bilateral meeting, was designed to provide the two customs authorities’ opportunity to meet and review their bilateral agreements and discuss other concerns on cross border issues particularly on the free movement of people and goods. Addressing the gathering at the official opening, Yankuba Darboe expressed gratitude to his Senegalese partners for making this year’s meeting possible. Saying that this year marked their 9th bilateral meeting. Darboe called for customs administrations generally, “and our two administrations in particular, to collect revenues and protect our states with a human face.” He said: “As experts from both administrations meet to discuss our common issues, I challenge you to come with practical solutions to the issues identified. Let’s enhance our border cooperation to facilitate free movement of people and goods across borders. Let’s communicate, let’s network, lets share intelligence and let’s share best practices within and between our respective administrations for better service delivery and security for our peoples and governments.” Darboe told them that the economic integration and prosperity of the two economies would be mutually beneficial to both countries. “As two brotherly nations, we are one and same people, only divided by the artificial borders created through colonisation. This is more evident in the food we eat, the clothes we wear, and the local dialects we speak among many other similarities. “Let the borders not be our barriers because before the borders we were one and same people first. I believe our diversity as people, administrations and countries should serve as our strength rather than weakness. “I have no doubt in my mind that at the end of the three days meeting, the experts will come up with clear and practical recommendations for consideration by the director generals of the two administrations.”]]>