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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Graphic Giants decorate Bakau fans

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Jally Sawo, the proprietor of the company presented the materials to the Bakau sports officials Wednesday at the Bakau football park.

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Speaking at the presentation, Jally said:  “I am a native of Bansang but Bakau had been my home since 1996 so I deem it a duty to assist the zone in any way possible. I was involved with Linguere FC in Bakau’s football and I still relish that relations with great fun,” he said. 

Sawo also revealed that the shirts are printed with the message “No Violence”, saying he hoped that will inspire the rest of the community to desist from any act of violence which the zone has often been accused of.

President of Bakau sports, Bakary Dampha said the T-shirts came at a very good time with the zonals currently on. “I am particularly impressed with the message on them as an official and I want to stress here that everyone is advocating for and we will make sure there is zero violence in the Super Nawetaan.” 


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