Group seeks police permit to protest against IEC

Group seeks police permit to protest against IEC


By Omar Bah

The Gambia for 5 Years and Peace-Building, a group formed in 2019 to defend President Barrow’s constitutional right to serve for five years, has written to the IGP for a permit to stage protests against IEC’s chief electoral officer Samboujang Njie.

The statement signed by the group president Ebrima Soribah and shared with The Standard reads: “We are concerned with the uncalled for incompetence and inconsistency of the IEC that poses serious peace threats to The Gambia. Therefore, the group wishes to hold a nationwide peace solidarity march with a view to demonstrate our fears and lack of trust in IEC’s ability to organise a free and fair presidential election.


“Furthermore, the unprofessionalism and credibility dwindling of the IEC conclusively remains a cause for concern thus representing a calculated threat to the peace and post-election stability The Gambia is known for,” the group said.

The letter has been sent to the Inspector General of Police, IEC, Ecowas, Inter-Party Committee, Tango and the dean of the diplomatic corps in the country.