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Group threatens to protest in July even without permit

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By Amadou Jadama

A pressure group, Strive For Gambia Concern Citizens, has announced it will stage a peaceful protest scheduled for July 14 at Westfield with or without a permit. The planned protest is organised against deportations, daily hikes in basic commodities, corruption, the death of 70 children, stalled security reform, and poor health delivery.

The pressure group’s chairperson, Iastou Saidy, said the group is predominantly women who are frustrated about the way and manner in which the country is governed.

“We have written to the police for permission to stage our protest. However, if they fail to provide us with a permit, we will still go ahead and protest. We believe it is our constitutional right to come out and demonstrate our frustration about our government,” she said.

She said the main objective of forming the group is to ensure that the country doesn’t slide back to the Jammeh era.

“We want President Barrow and his government to put a stop to the deportation immediately. We believe these deportations can only trigger crime in this country due to the increased lack of employment.

“We also want to know the outcome of the investigation into the deaths of 70 children due to the AKI. We will demand that the government immediately address the daily price hike of food and other essential commodities in the country and reduce taxes. The Gambian people are suffering,” she said.

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