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Halifa asks Barrow to tell assembly about state of the nation

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By Kaddy Jawo

The National Assembly Member for Serekunda, Halifa Sallah has said that the House had anticipated that after the donor conference in Brussels, President Adama Barrow will as required under section 77 of the constitution address the house on the policies of the government and the administration of the state.
The Serekunda member however lamented that this is still not the case
“I had anticipated that this would have injected hope, for hope is what we need in this country that is in a transition.

We do not only need re-constitution of institutions and instruments but we also need inclusiveness where people will know that despite the difficulties there is light at the end of the tunnel,” Sallah said.
Halifa further lamented that parliament is surprised that this did not happen and they are still demanding that the executive consider that important move or give parliament an explanation why it never happened.

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