Halifa gets rare praise from opponent


By Juldeh Njie

The GDC parliamentary candidate for Serrekunda Mbye Bittaye has heaped praises on his opponent Halifa Sallah, describing him as patriotic.

“Halifa Sallah is not only a patriotic citizen but a man of dignity who knows very well what he is doing. He is also my idol, but I would have loved him to give chance to the young ones in the political landscape,” he told The Standard at his home in London corner.
The GDC candidate goes on to outline his plans, saying his priority is to address the needs and aspiration of his people.


“The empowerment of women and youths who I believe are very fundamental in the development of any country will be my priority during my tenure in the National Assembly,” he said.
“I know my responsibility is legislation and representation of my people, but I will also address the need and aspiration of my people by doing voluntary services with my councilor in ensuring that development is taking place in all sectors of the constituency.

“I will gather my community under one umbrella to see that we engage ourselves without asking the government for help. We need a change that is why we decided on December 1st presidential election and you know young people contributed a lot in the change,” he added
He said the country has very determined young people who should be given the chance to lead the country into rapid development.

“If elected, I will make sure that the national cake is equally distributed. Former parliamentarians were not only rubberstamp, they were also self-centered and worked only for the interest of the former regime,” he added.

“If I happen to be elected, I will ensure that I do what my people elected me for. I will also sacrifice my utmost best for the needs and aspiration of my own people,” he promised.