Halifa: PDOIS has no evidence to petition election results

Halifa: PDOIS has no evidence to petition election results


By Aisha Tamba

Halifa Sallah has said PDOIS will not file a petition at the Supreme Court against the results of the December 4 election because it has not got sufficient evidence.

At least two political parties UDP and GDC have not signed the results, stating they will investigate issues raised by their agents.


 Addressing a press conference in the wake of the election, Halifa Sallah disclosed that they have consulted their agents and as matters stand, they have not got enough evidence to encourage them to go to court.

Moving on, Mr Sallah added that as an opposition party, PDOIS provided an alternative agenda to the Gambian people with a very clear explanation of how to end poverty through their own sovereign wealth. He said he is happy that people have generally accepted the message and the seed of system change has been implanted. ”Why they voted the way they voted is not my prerogative to enquire again. They have voted and made their voices heard and it is for us to accept.”

Meanwhile, Mr Sallah said he would no longer seek representation but his love for the country would never stop.

”If you are poor and nothing is done about it is you because you are free and your destiny is in your hands,” he said.