Halifa tasks Barrow to deliver changes


By Amadou M Jadama Halifa Sallah, the leader of PDOIS, yesterday called on President Barrow to control and prepare the ground for the change that the coalition aspires for. Addressing a press conference at PDOIS headquarters yesterday, Sallah said the shortcomings of the coalition started when President Barrow started appointing people unilaterally. “Thus the president became an executive president instead of a transitional president. The coalition is in the past and not in the present,” he added. Sallah said the reforms that the coalition aspired for following the regime change, have not been realised. But the veteran politician said his generation has fulfilled its promise to the motherland by ensuring that the sovereign powers of the people are respected. Mercenary Mr Sallah further disclosed that during the political impasse, the coalition security team intercepted a young man believed to be a mercenary in the home of the president-elect Barrow. However, according to Mr Sallah, the coalition team chose “a rather strange approach in tackling the issue by first humanising the person before letting him go scot-free.” Mr Sallah said such a treatment was very useful in changing the mind of not just that mercenary but also people like him with similar nefarious intents. Mr Sallah paid tribute to the young people who volunteered to provide security for the coalition saying they deserve national honours. The veteran politician further said the recent PDOIS congress in Ngain Sanjal discussed the “beginning of the building of a new Gambia”. He gave a lengthy account of the role of PDOIS and other parties in bringing about the change that led to the defeat of Jammeh. He said their resolution at their congress going forward is to create a new Gambia and build a nation that will serve everybody regardless of social status or ethno-linguistic background.]]>