Hamat: No one can put Barrow in a pocket


By Omar Bah Reporting from Basse The Minister of Tourism and Culture, Hamat Bah has warned Gambians not to dare undermine President Adama Barrow because ‘no one can put him in a pocket’. “Gambians should be very careful of President Barrow because if anyone thinks you can just come and rub him like a paper and put him in your pocket… you must be joking and your world will be in disarray and even in the hereafter no one knows where you will go to,” Hamat told a large crowd at Wuli Foday Kunda at a rally president Barrow presided over Sunday. Minister Bah, who is also the leader of the National Reconciliation Party, NRP, said Barrow was made president by God, adding that when God is doing things, he does not consult anyone because he knows everything and does everything that man dare not challenge. He is made president by God and if God lights a fire, if you cannot add firewood to it do not try to pour water on that fire. Barrow is the president of this country right now. Take myself as an example, Barrow knows I want to be president, but I accept that he is the one God gave it to. We should tell one another the truth and avoid undermining him,” he added. Minister Bah also likened Barrow to presidents Uhuru Kenyatta, Macky Sall and El Sisi in terms of their similarity of talking less and focusing on developing their countries. “In the next five years under the leadership of President Barrow Gambia will be totally different. I know what I am telling you, I do not just talk for the sake of talking, neither am I trying to praise the president,” said Bah. Meanwhile, the leader of the Gambia Moral Congress, Mai Fatty clarified that there is no disunity between him and President Barrow, adding that his relationship with Barrow started before politics and that politics will never separate them. “Whosoever thinks politics will separate me with Barrow then you must have been sleeping and you will die in that sleep. We are looking back in the past, if there was no yesterday, there would not have been today,” he added. He said if Gambians mean business they will have to support the government’s National Development Plan, regardless of their political persuasion. “What is certain is that today he is the president of this country and the development of this country is in his hands,” Fatty said.]]>