Hoyantang upsets Tassa-Yaram


This latest event was organised by M&B Promotions and featured The Gambia’s best known wrestler Tassa–Yaram and the sensational rising star from Kunkujang, Hoyantang in the grand combat. 

The drums beat as fans trooped across the stadium surrounding their wrestlers to the hilarious greetings of the fans on the pavilions. “The stadium is the perfect place to hold wrestling programmes”, murmured an equally enthralled Matarr Sosseh, who along with Burr Touray formed the M&B Promotions which staged the combat. 

The junior wrestlers, who took to the arena to start the evening, entertained the crowd with great skills, leaving flashy talking points as the fans waited for the grand combat.  Soldier Bai fired the first shot displaying acrobatic tactics that rewarded him victory over the athletic Werri Korr.  In another exciting junior bout, a lad called Zoss, threw Naye Lerr while Valdo defeated Rambo.  Soldier Man fell prey to Tangajirr in a very fast contest.


The evening wrapped up with a new chapter in the history writers’ notebook as Tassa-Yaram, tipped to be The Gambia’s greatest wrestler got the shock of his career, when he lost to Hoyantang in 4 minutes 36 seconds. The jubilation from Kunkujang fans was ear-deafening. They left the stadium in ecstasy, driving in a noisy convoy to Kunkujang. It was a bad night for Tass whose claim to be the king of Borre Dorr is coming under threat.


By Sise Sawaneh & Momodou Gajaga