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I stand with Imam Baba Leigh – Ex-TRRC lead investigator

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Since the breaking of the news that the National Human Rights Commission of which he is a member had called on government to defend the rights of LGBTQ persons, critics have come down on Imam Baba Leigh like a ton of bricks.

But one prominent Gambian has bucked the trend. Former lead investigator at the TRRC, Alagie Saidy-Barrow, has said he stands with the Kanifing Estate imam.
Writing on his Facebook page yesterday, Mr Saidy-Barrow stated: “To those attacking Imam Baba Leigh, I personally will pick him to lead me in prayers over you and your imams any day, any time and anywhere. You may be more knowledgeable but for me, knowledge without action is of no use. And when it came to taking action against abuse, Baba Leigh was present. Not collecting money from the evil hands of a killer and a rapist, he was there for the victimised! Importantly, I know that some of you used to pray for Yahya Jammeh to continue to rule Gambia longer knowing very well that he was killing, raping and stealing from Gambians! Talk is cheap today and everyone can afford it! But when it was expensive, few of those making noise today and claiming moral superiority dared open their mouths…

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“It’s easy to rail and rant today and assume ones position on some moral or religious pole, but when Yahya was abusing our fathers and mothers calling them witches, I wonder what happened to the moral stance then! When Yahya was organising musical jamborees and abusing our womenfolk, I wonder where was the moral and religious outrage! Who are the people that bestowed the title Sheikh Nasirudeen on a murderer and rapist? Some of you against Imam Baba Leigh are fighting Yahya Jammeh’s battle! You hate everyone that spoke out against his evil!

“Imam Baba Leigh stood up when most of those making noise today minded their business! Yes, even when Ba Kawsu was arrested and tortured, they minded their business. When Imam Sawaneh was arrested, they continued to pray for Yahya! I guess it’s easy to find one’s moral and religious voice when there is no danger! And here I am thinking all that we should fear is our Creator…

“One thing I know and I’m certain of, if Imam Baba Leigh knows that I’m being abused in The Gambia, he will speak out against it no matter what danger he faces or opportunities he loses. He won’t speak out because of my person, he will speak out because I’m Gambian! I’d rather take my chances with him than with some spineless knowledgeable and religious dealer who disappears when the going gets tough!”

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