IGP asked to arrest Hamat Bah


By Mafugi Ceesay

Human rights activist Madi Jobarteh has asked the Inspector General of Police to arrest tourism minister Hamat Bah and charge him with false publication and broadcasting.

Minister Bah who is with the president on the Meet the People’s Tour had over the weekend accused Niamina East MP Omar Ceesay of voting against a plan for the construction of roads in Niamina East earmarked for funding under the supplementary appropriation bill.


Ceesay has since refuted Hamat’s allegation, saying it was meant to tarnish his image.

But according to Madi Jobarteh, Mr Bah should be arrested by police.

“The IGP should arrest and charge Hamat NK Bah with false publication and broadcasting for contempt by distorting the proceedings of the National Assembly and insulting and threatening a NAM in a statement at an official event,” he stated.

Omar Ceesay reacts

During a press conference, NAM Omar Ceesay refuted Mr Bah’s claims that he voted against the appropriation bill that is meant to construct roads around the country including his constituency.

He stated: “Hamat Bah should shut up if he has nothing to say. As a minister he cannot be going round lying to Gambians. It is unacceptable. The records of the National Assembly are there for all to see. I never voted against the appropriation bill. My priority and vision is to see my constituency become the best in the country. I might have some issues with the bill but at the end I voted ‘yes’. It is erroneous for Hamat to say I voted against it,” he told journalists.

The lawmaker said he will never oppose the development of road networks, electricity and water for his people.

“My political difference with the Barrow administration doesn’t mean I have any interest to undermine his development agenda to the detriment of my people,” he said.

Ceesay however said the people of Niamina East do not need to support the president’s agenda for the government to bring development to them.

“It is a constitutional guarantee that the government should bring development to Gambians irrespective of whether they support its agenda or not,” he said.