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IGP Sonko, kudos on CP Abdulahi Sanya

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A friend of mine called me up in England a few days ago, and said guess what, CP Abdulahi Sanya has just been recalled by the IGP.

The message didn’t end but continued, he was even reinstated to his former position, Administration, the elitist core arm of the Force in any country. My first reaction was, welcome back Abdulahi but on a second thought, I recalled that one boss somewhere thought about his case, reviewed it and recommended for his reinstatement. My hearty thanks and appreciation goes to the IGP, The Interior Minister Hon. Fatty, and then His Excellency, President Adama Barrow. It was such exciting news for reason as inter alia,

1. The democratic face of the new government loquaciously spoke through the very active Interior Ministry, once again to assure the Gambians that the values of fairness, justice, liberty and human rights as enshrined in their constitution will be protected and preserved. The same ministry that recently decongested the various Prisons and detention points and let free illegal detainees.

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2. I was also excited that the Gambia Police Service was not bereft of a well educated, brilliant, exposed, trained, experienced and outspoken rare bred Officer in his prime age.

3. It was justice and victory at last for such an Officer and a clear message of hope for others who suffered similar fate but are not yet recalled. Your own days of victories will surely come; it is only a matter of time and patience.

CP Abdulahi Sanya, dresses very well in and out of office, whether in uniform or suite, he has and wears a class of exclusive distinction. He portrays infinite confidence and self esteem any day, anytime, and can always give official account of himself and conducts on any given situation. Better experienced than spoken about, as his qualifications are in the superlatives.

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I met and worked closely with CP Sanya, as his Private Consultant on UN POLICE DEPLOYMENT TEMPLATE FOR THE GAMBIA. Apart from his infectious legal and administrative brilliance, he has a distinguished intellectual depository that will overwhelm you.

My initial predicament was on where to source for primary data and basic informative requirements, unknown to me that Abdulahi Sanya was a mobile Police Encyclopedia; he was very handy with every data, information and background details needed.

An assignment that would have taken me one year was designed, developed and turned in within three months. It was such a pleasure working with him, and l will still be willing to extend more contributions on critical crime matters, anytime the force ever solicits for such services.

I thank the IGP Sonko, for his professional and unbiased decision to recall CP SANYA. IGP Sonko, you are a perfect gentleman, and a man of few but dependable words. Hurray to the Gambia Police Service.

Dr. Ifedimma, Joseph Sunny Moneke,
PhD, Researched Counterterrorism Expert, Manchester, England, 18th of April, 2017.

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