Imam Fatty urges women cadis to resign

Imam Fatty urges women cadis to resign


By Tabora Bojang

Renowned Islamic scholar and former state house imam, Alhagie Aboulie Fatty has urged the newly appointed women cadis to resign from their positions, arguing that their appointments go against the teachings of Islam.

Delivering his Friday sermon recently, Imam Fatty said if the women cadis are educated in Islam, they themselves should decline the positions or their parents can equally advise them to return the positions.


He further appealed to the husbands of the appointed cadis to prevail on them to relinquish their positions or consider parting with them. “Because you cannot continue to be married to someone who is acting in contravention with Allah’s words”, he warned.

According to the imam, all Majalis leaders, the Supreme Islamic Council, Islamic organisations and imams must speak out and defend the words and teachings of the Quran. 

Imam Fatty also called on women Islamic groups to speak out on the matter and urged the Judiciary to terminate the appointments of women cadis.

“Since the Judiciary is claiming to be independent then one must assume that they are free to undo anything done by them. My advise to them is to look around for men who are versed in Sharia and appoint them to be cadis in line with the teachings of the Quran,” he said. The imam added that parents must try to send their children to Islamic or Quranic memorisation schools first before taking them to conventional schools for western education.