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Inaugural speech – Mayor Ajaratou Rohey Malick Lowe

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Asalamalekum, onsubelai mena sentaneragime Bisimilahi ramanerahim

The Interim Mayor , The Chief Executive Officer Banjul City Council, former Mayoral Aspirants, Newly Elected Councillors, Venerable Religious leaders, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen, all other protocol respectfully observed.

It is with pro found gratitude and humility that I address you as Gambia’s First Mayoress of this Great city Banjul. It is ironic after 200 years of existence, for the first time we can now proudly claim of having a Mayoress as head of the council.
Historic as it is , the joy and gratitude returns to Allah the Almighty God, upon whose divine will we are witnessing this great day.

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I am therefore deeply humbled to have been elected as Mayoress of Banjul and I wholeheartedly accept the responsibilities and expectations best owed upon me.
During the campaign I did clearly emphasise in my manifesto that election to the office of Mayor is one of a social contract between the Candidate and the people of Banjul.

Having just taken a solemn oath during this holy month of Ramadan please be assured that
with Allah’s richest blessing, I intend to contribute towards the advancement of this city.
I will bring back hope where there has been hopelessness and likewise bring back faith where there has been doubt.

It is also without doubt that our be loved city requires urgent and frank discussions as regarding her development needs in the areas of infrastructure, women and youth empowerment, etc.
However, at present such development agenda can only be achieved within the powers laid down in the Local Government Act 2002.

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Therefore, it is for these reasons that at the earliest opportunity I will liaise with Central Government and advocate for more autonomy and resources so that we perform effectively as a council.
At present, our revenue collection needs to be revisited as we are currently in“conflict” as to who collects what.”

These are certainly one of the many areas which require clarification and likewise negotiation with central government.
As you will recall, 9 of us appeared before the Banjul electorate to seek their votes and fortunately I won the contest.


Despite winning, I want to assure my fellow contestants that I will rely on their support and brilliant ideas to work for the development of this city.
In as much as I was elected on the UDP ticket I will serve as Mayoress for all.
Banjul City Council will never again be an extended wing of any political party Instead it belongs to the people of Banjul irrespective of our political affiliation or ideology.

Fellow people of Banjul, as this is a historic event let us start on a good footing by getting ready to roll our sleeves and work together for the development of our great city.
We are currently living in a new dispensation where justice, peace and freedom prevails.
Let us therefore make good use of such opportunity to turn Banjul into a prosperous city by embracing that famous slogan “Together we change our city for good”.

Finally, let me seize this opportunity to thank all the stakeholders that participated in this historic election. I wish to thank His Excellency President Adama Barrow and the coalition Government, the Independent Electoral Commission, the Executive of the United Democratic Party, party members and militants, the leaders of all political parties that took part in the elections, independent candidates, the media, online media outlets, security services, Family, friends, Supporters in the country and the diaspora, members of my campaign team especially Team Rohey Malick Lowe in the person of Mr Macoumba Sanneh, Aunty Fatou Fye, Ya Elisabeth Fye and Mrs Lisa Ndow.

All of them contributed towards ensuring that a peaceful election was conducted.
I wish you all the best of luck as we begin the journey towards rebuilding our be loved city.
Long live Banjul
Long Live Democracy
Thank you for your kind attention.
Alabaraka, Jerejef, Jarrama, merci, Tack, och vilen Danke.

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