Info minister preaches rectitude at late ambassador’s funeral

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By Amadou Jadama

Information minister Lamin ‘Queen’ Jammeh has exhorted public servants to uphold integrity and righteousness in their work to achieve success here and hereafter.

In rendering a eulogy at the funeral of the late high commissioner to Sierra Leone, Alieu Jammeh, on Saturday afternoon in Illiassa, Upper Baddibu, Minister Jammeh said the deceased was a good citizen who contributed selflessly to national development.


“The message to everybody in and out of the government is that as religious people, we are taught that we will return to our Maker and account for our actions. It is from Allah we originate, and to Him, shall be our final return. And since this is an inevitability, let us try to do good and perform in our positions for which we are paid and serve the Gambian people, and humanity in general with faithfulness.

“We are paid to do a job and we shall account for it. Whether your appointing authority is around you or not, you must always remember that we will be accounted for what we are assigned and paid for, and therefore, my message would be, since we are going to be remembered for what we do, let us try and make it good, “he urged.

He said High Commissioner Jammeh lived and died for the state and the people.

Cabinet ministers including Foreign Minister Tangara and former vice president Saikou Sabally, joined hundreds of Gambians to pay their last respects.