Interference with the TRRC proceedings


Having come out of a twenty-two-year dictatorship that was characterized by human rights violations it was necessary to find a way of bridging the gaps created by these violations in order to promote healing and reconciliation. It was for this reason that government set up a Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission to investigate these violations and create an impartial record to avoid a recurrence.

It is therefore important that everyone supports this process and publicizes it as much as possible to ensure that it is participatory. Every citizen should take ownership of the process to make it more effective in creating that culture of Never Again!

Thus, no one should seek to interfere with the proceedings. The people who have been invited to testify and give their version of events – be they perpetrators or victims – should have the support and understanding of the public.


In the last sitting, one of the witnesses claimed that certain people sought to dissuade him from appearing at the TRRC to testify. In addition to that being illegal, it is immoral as it seeks to derail the reconciliation process, which is necessary to promote healing, and the maintenance of peace in the country.

Let the public understand the importance of this process so that we can build a better, more prosperous and peaceful Gambia!