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Introducing (Awa Ceesay)


I am 12 years old and a resident of Bakau Madiba Kunda .I am a Grade 7 Student at Saint Therese’s Upper Basic School. I am a lead actress in a film titled Kora Kids that is to be premiered on 11 October at the Ebunjan Theatre.

The film is produced by Catherine Tsvanhu, a Zimbabwean and directed by a Gambian Bakary Sonko. It is meant to promote girls’s education and women’s empowerment.

I love being an actress but my ambition is to become a doctor in the future. I acted in Kora Kids because I am passionate about empowering my fellow girls. There are many girls who are out there whoa are not fortunate to be in school to learn as I am doing.

It was not easy when I started acting because my mum always complained about my young age. It was a challenge going to school and at the same time going through my script for the film. My father was very encouraging though because he always support whatever I do.

I am urging my fellow young girls who are enrolled in school to be more serious with their education because there are many others who want to be in school but don’t have the means. Education is the best tool of empowerment that every human being needs. 


By Sise Sawaneh


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