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Introducing (Ibrahima Cham )

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One of The Gambia’s music artistes, Ibrahima Cham, popularly known as Barhama, is one of fast-rising artistes in the music industry. His ability to use the instrument called, ‘the Guitar’, and his melodious voice to entertain a crowd make him quite liked. He is a native of Sanchaba and doing music with his two brothers under a crew called “Kerr Gi Family. The family has been around for the past five years.


Why did you form the group, Kerr Gi Family?

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The name Kerr Gi family came up simply because we are from ‘Kerr’ (home) and from the same family, and what really inspired us to form the group was really interesting and a step ahead.


What is your educational background?

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I graduated from Nusrat Senior School with seven credits. I was stubborn in school but l later realised that no matter how stubborn I was, I had to do my school work. I also have a diploma in travelling and tourism with a distinction.


When did you discover your talent in music?

It was in early 1992, by then, two of my brothers were in Senegal for their schooling and after graduating I also joined them there but my passion for music has always been at the top, and whenever we all meet our discussion centered on music. That’s how we realised that we had something in common and we start searching for it, where we all later found out that music or entertainment was the hidden treasure in us.


How was it like when you just start music?

It was not easy, we do our stuffs for ourselves from grassroots to this level and thanks to God because we are able to stand firm and promote Gambian music in all ways we can.


Where you into only music?

No, I worked in the tourism sector for a while, but I later quit because after working hours I had to sit and rehearse, to do a lot of training which was hectic for me.


 What would you have become, if music had failed?

I always had the passion for music, but I would have gone in for business administration and management. I would love to be a manager, business admistrastor or an accountant because being an accountant is one of the things I love and appreciate.


Did you have the support from your family?

Yes, they are the machine behind us. They motivate us to do better especially my mum who was so caring and always loved to see us smiling. That is why I sang a song for all women to show how I appreciate them too.


What is cooking in the pot for your fans?

[Laughter] Yeah we have a lot of thing to unfold to our fans and let them all be prepared because we are planning to stage a big event in November, which will be very fascinating.


Words by Sise Sawaneh


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