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Introducing (Theo Bunwa Ozoigbo)


“My name is Theo Bunwa Ozoigbo, a Nigerian by nationality. I am very jovial, friendly, funny and fun to be with. Modeling is my passion, apart from studying medicine and surgery. I am a second year student at the American International University. Since I was a little girl modeling has been in me. I was all about fashion and most of the clothes sown for me I designed them personally.

I am working under the Glamorous Africa Modeling agency. My manager Williams Brown has made it a wonderful experience for me, from the training down to preparing me for the Queen of Companies in which I was the second runner-up. I represented Afriq Cars rental company and presently I am their second brand ambassador after Fatou Darboe. 

I was part of the Fashion Weekend Gambia 2013, and presently I am participating in the Next Top Model Gambia competition. I want to be a top model and a designer. I am not stopping until I get there. I am working my way to the top and by God’s grace the sky will be my starting point.

The job has its ups and downs but so far so good. I’ve not met the down part yet (lol). In my spare time, I love dancing, hanging out with friends and learning new things and skills.

I love the people of The Gambia. They have been mostly warm and welcoming and I would stop at nothing to help elevate the fashion industry here in The Gambia. There’s so much talent in this country and we all need to harness it and keep the Gambian flag flying high in all aspects. The Gambia is small but mighty and have a lot of potential”.


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