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Introducing Think Mina, out to provide quality service to Gambians

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By Amadou Jadama

Think Mina is an international marketing company established in The Gambia to provide marketing innovations, advertising and networking with the primary goal of efficiently providing quality services to its clients.

Think Mina offers marketing and consultations to customers through market research, helping to establish a marketing strategy as well as assisting in identifying market targets.

Think Mina also does digital marketing where they connect clients to their targets through creative content, using trends, special event management, products, services, hosting launching events, recruiting, staffing and QuickBooks as well as training to serve small medium and large businesses, not limited to NGOs and The Gambia.

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The Chief Executive Officer of Think Mina, Fatima Jallow, said over the last 15 years of operations, the company has provided quality services through consultations and enjoys a proven and strong track record in socio political campaign management.

She disclosed that Think Mina provides other services to cater for corporate, government, the private sectors as well as NGOs.

“When I returned from the US in 2019, I realised it was a challenge to establish a marketing company in The Gambia without much guidance and also how to get the right employees for the company to do market research,” she lamented. 

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 Undeterred and with a strong determination to contribute to the socio-economic development of the country, Fatima ensured her dream was realised, hence the establishment of Think Mina PR and Marketing Agency, with about 200 employees.

Since then, several organisations and business owners have been seeking Think Mina’s services, which range from public relations to company launching and marketing.

“Since we started operating in The Gambia, we have a long list of clientele and we are proud to have put together the launching of Air France’s operations in The Gambia and Unique Group’s mini-grid launching in Nyamanari village in Upper River Region. Some other clients of ours include IMF, Tropic Shopping Centre and we also did the launching of The Gambia Transport Service’s 38 buses,” she said.

She said Think Mina is very much aware of its responsibilities to the nation which are promptly honoured, key among them timely payment of tax. ”I have special love for my country that’s why even though it is said that the US is a land of great opportunities, there is still a strong urge in me to return to Africa and contribute towards its socio-economic development, “she added.

According to her, Think Mina has also worked with reputable bodies like FIN Tech Wave, banks among others in their recruitment of staff. 

“We have never gone to ask for help from government but there are many means government can help businesses especially those with potentials to create employment and pay regular taxes. For example, we pay our taxes every month, and the GRA always applaud us for paying our taxes, and the taxes are high. But we don’t mind, because we want to be on the right track with our government, and we also want to contribute to the nation. 

So it will be very important if the government can look at and consider Think Mina because what we are doing is empowering the young people. So we are looking forward to building a relationship with the government,” Fatima said.

She said through the provision of quality services some of their clients have had their business as grown and when they grow, they are paying taxes “So our team work, within the framework of Think Mina, is leading to bigger achievements to the GDP of the country,” she said.


Fatima Jallow went to High School and University in the United States majoring in Business Management and Administration. Fatima started her entrepreneurship career at the age of 17 back in the Bronx New York City.

In 2008 she organised beauty pageants for the West African Diaspora in the USA and founded one of the most recognised pageants in the US, Miss Guinea USA.

In 2010 and 2018, Fatima was involved in campaigning, organising, fundraising, and public relation assignments for the Democratic Party in New York, promoting Pan-African leadership. During this time she crossed paths with several political figures of the Party.

A Pan-Africanist Fatima, returned to Africa to contribute her quota to the development of the continent which has always been her mindset ambition with a main focus on The Gambia, where she spent the early years of her life. Fatima believes that The Gambia is the main gateway to Africa. She believes that by investing in the young and a dynamic population; a lot can be harnessed as a contribution to the rest of the continent. Her belief is that The Gambia can be the springboard for many business ventures in West Africa.

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