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TIKA gives D1.2M health sanitary materials to BAC

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By Olimatou Coker

TIKA Banjul has on Wednesday handed over health and sanitary materials worth over 1.2 million dalasis to the Brikama Area Council at a ceremony held at its office in the capital.


Sule Bayar, TIKA Banjul Coordinator, said the ceremony marks a pivotal moment responding to the challenges the Brikama Area Council faces in waste collection and management. “Today, we gather to celebrate the generous contribution of the government of Turkiye in providing these waste collection tools dedicated to supporting the crucial cause of waste collection and management in The Gambia.”

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She added that this project was undertaken in recognition of the hardships faced by Brikama Area Council in ensuring regular services in collecting waste within communities and the markets in the West Coast Region.

“I strongly hope that these donated waste collection materials and GPS for laborers will greatly help the Brikama Area Council in its efforts to promote a healthy environment and bring clean and safe air to the people of the West Coast Region. This donation was funded through TIKA by the Government of the Republic of Turkiye, and it is worth D1.2 million. ”

She said this existence is a reflection of Turkiye’s goodwill and friendship with the people of The Gambia. “I am happy to say that this project is in line with the waste collection and management strategic plan of the Brikama Area Council.”

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Ambassador F Türker Oba said the D1.2 million waste management project implemented by TIKA aims to enhance the capacity of Brikama Area Council in waste management.


“This project was inspired by the Zero Waste Initiative introduced by Turkiye’s First Lady, Her Excellency Emine Erdo?an in 2017. This initiative aimed at the prevention of squandering more efficient use of resources, reduction of waste amount, and installation of an effective collection system and waste recycling all over the world. Indeed, we do not have a planet B. Unfortunately, not all countries are on equal footing in the face of the global environment crisis.”


Yankuba Darboe, Chairman of Brikama Area Council, said: “To the materials being received today, TIKA has also assisted BAC this year, 2024, with the fencing of a 7-hectare women’s garden at Kuloro village. Not only have they helped us in fencing that garden, they also provided 57 tap heads for the same garden at a tune of 1.8 million dalasis. That is in addition to the 1.2 million dalasis  that they are handing over today. That’s almost about 3 million dalasis being received by BAC from TIKA. So we are indeed very grateful. This relationship with TIKA would not have come about without the commendable efforts of our Honorable Councilor for Pirang  Ward, Honorable Lamin Dibba  whose single individual efforts have resulted in the establishment of the partnership we have with TIKA and the strengthening of it, which resulted in the materials that we are receiving today. Thus, it is gratifying that we are witnessing another instance that TIKA has come to the rescue of the Council with valuable materials to our Waste Management Department. These materials will immensely help our Council in our waste collection within our communities in the West Coast Region.”

Chairman Darboe added that the materials are three tricycles, ten wheelbarrows, 150 helmets, 150 safety boots, 150 overalls, 50 spades, and 100 rakes. “These materials will help both our workers and the communities we serve in the West Coast Region, which is the biggest region in the country. The tricycles will be a valuable addition to our fleet of tricycles that we depend on to collect waste around our market area. They will also enable us to collect waste from the households within the region. The ten wheelbarrows donated will enable us to collect waste in remote areas where our tricycles and vehicles cannot reach. The helmets have changed the face or the looks of our laborers and our workers, because they look very different today, almost unrecognizable.”

He also said these  protective gears will save their  workers from sustaining injuries, from head injuries to other injuries that can be fatal sometimes. “This would indeed save lives. Thus, the significance of these materials donated by TIKA today to BAC cannot be overstated, for they are indeed life-saving materials, and we cannot thank TIKA enough for providing us with them.”

He assured TIKA that they will not only put them into good use but also take good care of them to ensure they last  longer.

Seedy Touray, Chief Executive Officer, said these donated  items will go a long way in contributing to the environmental cleanliness of the West Coast Region.

He thanked the donors for their  tireless support and collaboration with the council.

“I cannot conclude without thanking the Honourable Councillor of Pirang Ward , Mr. Lamin Dibba, for his commitment to strengthening the relationship between TIKA and BAC and by extension, The Gambia and Turkiye.”

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