IPC calls for peaceful parliamentary elections


By Omar Bah

The Inter-Party Committee, IPC, has issued a statement calling on all political parties and independent parliamentary aspirants to conduct themselves peacefully throughout the elections.

The committee is established by political parties in The Gambia as a forum for inter-party dialogue and co-operation to promote peaceful political dialogues, credible electoral processes, foster national unity and consolidate democracy and peace in the country.


The committee, in a statement signed by its co-chair, Amul Nyassi, said: “As Gambians prepare for the April 9th, 2022 National Assembly elections to consolidate its democratic gains, all stakeholders must act in accordance with relevant frameworks to promote a peaceful and credible electoral process. All political parties are urged to respect the Janjanbureh Peace Pledge made ahead of the 2021 presidential election.”

The IPC also announced that it will hold its next quarterly breakfast meeting with all registered political parties tomorrow to call on them to fully recommit to constructive dialogue and comply with electoral regulations to ensure peaceful elections.

“Since its formation, IPC has facilitated constructive conversations between political actors on reform issues and helped in diffusing political tensions, particularly during contentious electoral processes and reform initiatives. In line with its mandate of promoting peaceful political processes, the IPC has continued to advocate for the tolerant and peaceful co-existence of political parties, especially during electoral cycles,” the IPC added.

The IPC said it has developed a new strategic plan (2022-2027) with six strategic priorities focused on consolidating The Gambia’s young democracy through inclusive, issue based, peaceful and tolerant coexistence among political parties, and dialogues around critical reform agendas.