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Is there a security threat….?

By Musa Bah

In the past few days, there has been talk on many lips that there is a possibility of a forced return to the country by the former president. During the past week, we have seen some newspaper reports that the former president left with about thirty of his loyal soldiers.



Last month, the Senegalese Foreign Minister described the Gambia as being ‘under threat from external forces’. The head of the ECMIG forces in the Gambia; Colonel Magatte Ndiaye recently told the Agence France-Presse that the army officials loyal to Yahya Jammeh are hostile to the current government. In addition, high ranking officials, some thought to have been part of the feared junglers have left with the former president.



On June 11th Honourable Mai Ahmad Fatty wrote the following on his Facebook wall: ‘There is more to do. We have national security concerns that need addressing. We will address the concerns. We need your prayers and support. And while I acknowledge that our work is growing in load and in complexity, I feel pretty confident that we will make sure we provide the best security for the people of the Gambia.’



Some people interpreted Mr Fatty’s post as a coded message to suggest that there is a security concern. Last month, a French minister also spoke of ‘assisting the Gambia in every way to maintain peace and security’.

Mr President, as I keep saying, if there is not enough information disseminated to the public, some people use their imagination to fill the gaps; and, some people have a very active imaginations! There is a lot of speculation about. We need reassurance that everything is under control. We want you, or one of your ministers, to speak to us in clear unambiguous language to reassure us that there is no imminent threat facing the Gambia. Or if there is, then what are you doing about it and how will it be resolved.



I know that there are certain things that cannot – should not – be divulged to the public due to security reasons, but that notwithstanding, Gambians need to feel safe and secure. I hope the population is made to know that we are safe and in good hands!

Have a good day Mr President.

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