It is with humility I accept the will of the Gambian populace

It is with humility I accept the will of the Gambian populace


Vox populi, vox dei (the word of the people is the word of God). Gambia is all we have and thank God that our flag still flies high. We have competing ideologies about the path to prosperity for our dearly beloved nation. The idea that soothes the majority must always prevail. All throughout my adult life, I live with the notion of putting country first. I have given my time, energy and resources to the cause of advancing our nation. Well I have come to the realisation that the Gambia I envisaged for myself and kids is not the Gambia the majority wants to live in. I therefore wish to recuse myself from the role of advocacy in furtherance of the ideals I espoused for my country. I harbour no ill will or grudge for my fellow citizens for my fervent wish has always been to live in a Gambia that is inclusive, equitable and efficient. A Gambia where corruption is managed, discipline is inculcated in the people for efficient public service delivery. Well that Gambia remains to be an illusive quest as most of my compatriots don’t share the same dream and aspirations.

Due to the foregoing, I have decided to step aside and allow others to champion the causes that the majority deem fit. I respect divergent views and will live in accordance to the aspirations of the majority.


My iconoclastic views oftentimes clash with mainstream Gambian views. For the respect of my fellow countrymen and women, I will allow the prevailing view of the nation to thrive with the view that it satisfies the majority. Jeremy Bentham, a famous philosopher of old said that the greater goods interest is paramount. I also subscribe to that philosophy that promotes the greater goods interest. Generally, people get the government they deserve and our leaders are a reflection of who we are. To this effect, I will allow our mainstream view of who we choose to be to direct our life choices. My notion of service to nation has always been premised on building a better nation for all. 

Going forward, I will focus on personal development and other causes to propel BRAND GAMBIA. My vehicle of choice will be #Gambia_Uncharted where I will continue to showcase our country for prominence through the sights, sounds, foods, cultures and traditions of our diverse peoples. I believe that I can better optimise my service to country.

On that note, I wish to extend my sincere apology to any of my fellow compatriot that I have offended over the years. All that I have ever championed was for the best interest of Gambia. Equally, I wish this administration well and hope that they will govern in the best interest of the greater good. I am signing off with a heavy heart with the intent to desist from all forms of activism. Many philosophers of old became public enemies in their countries because they advanced a set of value system that was foreign to the people they wanted to elevate. I accept the punches, jabs and smears I received over the years in furtherance of the ideals I espoused for my homeland. Thank you all and it was a pleasure interacting with my fellow citizens on issues of national interest. God bless The Gambia and all her diverse peoples. So long and God speed.

My posts and commentaries will be devoid of political intonation going forward. I hope my position will be respected.

Nyang Njie

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