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Jahumpa drops ambition to run for mayor

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By Lamin Cham

‘Action Man’ Balla Garba Jahumpa has shelved his ambition to run for mayor of Banjul.

A few months ago, the former minister and ambassador, announced he will run for mayor to save the city from ‘its current armature administration and future pretenders who might be jostling for office in next year’s election’.

 Mr Jahumpa had wanted to run on the ticket of his party, the APRC. However yesterday, The standard accessed a letter written by Jahumpa and addressed to the leader of the party Fabakary Tombong Jatta.

In it, he wrote: “I write to inform you of my decision to withdraw my application to contest for the upcoming mayorship election under the APRC ticket with immediate effect. Furthermore, I wish to take this opportunity to thank my management team and all those who intended to vote for me”.

Mr Jahumpa, a seasoned politician and diplomat, served in multiple ministerial and ambassadorial positions under the former government after a long and distinguished civil service career. The son of the late revered Banjul politician IM Garba Jarhumpa, was known for his pragmatic approach to issues, hence the nick name Action Man.

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