Jamaican artistes to get diplomatic passports


This was disclosed to journalists on Friday May 30 by Scratchylus and his 9-year-old daughter, who have been given Gambian names Sainey Jammeh and Awa Jammeh, respectively. 

The singers are among a handful of Jamaican singers and prominent diasporan black nationalists who graced the just-concluded 11th edition of the Roots International Homecoming Festival. 

Scratchylus told journalists at a press conference at Senegambia Hotel: “Today is a very special day for me and Empress Reggae. We are here to announce that the president has given us a diplomatic passport. We will be here to uplift and enlighten the Gambian youths with music and any other projects that we can do. We have started recording a song called ‘Grow what you eat, Eat what you grow’. The song will be featuring myself, Empress Reggae and Gambian artist Kangkiling. So, we are very happy about the work at the moment.”


The Empress Reggae, chimed in: “I am very happy with the president. I feel very, very happy to be here in this country. Thanks to the president, I am happy to have a Gambian passport. Jah, Ras Tafari!”


By Alagie Manneh