Jammeh calls on Gambians to reject Barrow for ‘APRC’-GDC alliance

Jammeh calls on Gambians to reject Barrow for ‘APRC’-GDC alliance


By Amadou Jadama

In the latest of his now regular campaign message, former president Yahya Jammeh has called on Gambians to change the government of President Barrow and replace it with a new one led by the GDC-‘APRC’.

Addressing a huge GDC rally in Farafenni, Jammeh continued: “My alliance with Mamma Kandeh will make the best team that The Gambia ever has. I want us all as Gambians and not tribes but patriotic citizens who need development to unite and get rid of this system and bring in the system that was there for 22 years, or even better than this system. So if you want progress, come and join our alliance and vote for us.”


“By the great of the Almighty Allah, if you follow the alliance between APRC and GDC, you vote for us, you will forget all the sufferings within two years as we will rebuild the country and move forward and within three years, we would have developed faster than the rocket.”

Jammeh further said when the system changed, The Gambia has to be independent of any country and restore free education which was destroyed by President Adama Barrow and his government.

“Within the first month you will forget insecurity, electricity and water problem and school fees because you know me. In 1994, when I stood up in Farafenni and told you that you will have electricity many people did not believe me. Every promise that I made to Farafenni, I have fulfilled,” he said.

“I feel sorry for what has been happening to you for the past four years, especially the women and the students. Everything has gone down from electricity, water and education, especially women gardening and North Bank used to produce lot of onions for export. I can tell you that by 2024, In Shaa Allah there will be free education not only for primary and to high schools but the University of The Gambia will be free for all Gambians”, Jammeh said.