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By Omar Bah The National Mobiliser of the opposition Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction, Mayor Yankuba Colley, has said former president Yahya Jammeh doesn’t deserve some condemnations against him and that he deserves respect. Speaking to The Standard recently Mayor Colley said: “I think some of the criticisms directed to Jammeh are unfair and I believe he deserved some respect from Gambians for his contribution to the development of the country over the years.” “All the development we are enjoying today is brought by Jammeh, because of him Gambians are aware today and I believe we should be grateful to him. We should learn to forget and forgive one another. “It is not fair to talk about only Jammeh’s mistakes and forget the good ones, after all every former government has in one way or the other committed some wrong deeds. It is almost unavoidable that something could go wrong with every government and yes I will agree that Jammeh made some mistakes as a human being but that doesn’t mean that he has not done anything right. Why aren’t we talking about that too,” he asked. Mayor Colley said even the new Government cannot claim to be saints and their first days in office are not proving any different to the former regime. “They are violating the constitution, arresting people keeping them beyond the 72 hours without taking them to court and that is some of the things they accused Jammeh of.” On why he thinks Gambians should still vote for the APRC, Colley said: “It is very simple, the development we brought in this country over the past twenty-two years is enough justification for people to vote for us. My argument is Jammeh deserves better than most of us are treating him now. The way and manner we are responding to his legacy is so unfortunate and disappointing.”]]>

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