“I swear to God, I have forgiven them. They are free to come back to this country,” he said in an exclusive interview with the director general of GRTS, Kebba Dibba, on the occasion of the country’s 50 years of independence. 

The Gambian leader, who was in recent times confronted with several disturbances in his trips to the West by Gambian dissidents, described his gesture as a show of mercy, as dictated by his religion, Islam. 

He added: “I am not a pretentious Muslim. If you are not ready to forgive, Allah would also not forgive you.”


According to him, only fewer than ten people would not be forgiven, but fell short of giving out names. 

He explained: “Some of them, I will not forgive for obvious reasons, and they know themselves. But the rest are free to come home. Those who personalised everything, I will not let them to come back. If they come, they are going to jail. Those I am not forgiving are less than ten.”

President Jammeh however cautioned: “That doesn’t mean that they have to come and support me.  That’s their business. If they want to be on their own that’s their business. But if they think that they have been pardoned and they want to come and destabilise the country, I will wipe them out. Anyone who wants to use any means to destroy this country, I will destroy you.”