By Lamin Cham

Outgoing president Yahya Jammeh left with about 20 to 30 officials of the Gambia Armed Forces, the army spokesman told The Standard Wednesday.
He made this disclosure when asked to confirm the reported spate of soldiers going awol since Jammeh lost power in January.



Lt Col Omar Bojang said the former president left with some senior soldiers, some of whom are with him in Equatorial Guinea while others are known to be in sub-region.
He added: “Also, some members of the former ‘Junglers’ [the notorious hit squad] of the former president who are alleged to have committed atrocities are also in the neigbouring countries. We are monitoring their activities and are in touch with the stakeholders around the region to help us with information on them so that they are brought to justice,” Bojang said.


The Army PRO would not reveal the identities of these soldiers.
The Standard sought these clarifications after reports in the foreign media intimated that some 300 soldiers loyal to former President Jammeh are lurking around the region allegedly intending to cause instability in The Gambia.
”We have heard about those reports and we are monitoring and will be happy if anyone with credible information will share with us as we do not take any security matter lightly,” Bojang concluded.