Jammeh to address APRC supporters on Friday?

Jammeh to address APRC supporters on Friday?


By Omar Bah

The splinter group of APRC opposed to the coalition with the National Peoples Party has announced that it will on Friday hold a rally in Kanilai where the former president, Yahya Jammeh is expected to make a speech on the current row over the NPP coalition.

Speaking at a meeting in Kusamai, a staunch opponent of the coalition Bakary Saibo, said:


“We have spoken to President Jammeh more than three times and he told us he is not going to work with Satan.

Jammeh has also asked us to inform all APRC supporters and the people of Foni to converge at Kanilai on Friday as he is going to address them. He is going to make his decision clear on whether the party should work with the NPP or not,” Bakary told a cheering crowd at Kusamai.

He continued: “The APRC national executive is lying to us over their claims that Jammeh will come back if we vote for Barrow. It is obvious that Barrow has no interest in bringing Jammeh back. Barrow is going to do us exactly what he did to the eight political parties that made him defeat Jammeh in 2016.”

Bakary gave an example of how joining NPP would kill the APRC.

“We all know during Jammeh’s time whatever happened, Hamat Bah would come out and condemn it but when Barrow came, he brought him closer to him and made him minister and now Hamat’s party NRP is dead. He cannot criticise Barrow because if he does, Barrow will sack him. So it is the same as Fabakary Tombong Jatta and his executive who want to join Barrow because they want to be appointed ministers, ambassadors and directors and when that happens, they would only do as Barrow says to keep their jobs and in the process, the APRC would be dead”.

Bakary said when Jammeh was leaving the country, he made “it very clear that we should make sure that the APRC doesn’t die. But the people he entrusted with that responsibility are the ones who want to kill it but that will not happen.”