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‘Jammeh touched my breasts after asking me to undress’

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By Omar Bah

An unidentified protocol officer of former President Yahya Jammeh has recounted a horror story of how Jammeh inappropriately touched her breasts after asking her to undress.
The woman told the Truth Commission Monday that Jammeh would perform sex acts on his female protocol offers while they take turns to meet him at his village, Kanilai.

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She said Jammeh summoned her into his villa for a “massage” and began showering her gifts like cars, laptops making her feel “special” at first, a later pattern which became the former head of state’s modus operandi.
She told the commission how Jammeh ordered her to be given “spiritual bath” to “protect” her.

“At one point, he called me and wanted me to have ritual bath. He said he wanted to protect me. He asked me to undress, which I did. The room was cloudy. Then he took me to the bathroom and began pouring substance on me. I felt special for the president for wanting to protect me. The second day, he called me and asked me to undress. It was at night. He told me ‘you look like a primary school girl’. He started touching my body, my breasts. It was awkward for me. I remember I started crying, pushing back, going back to an extent to the wall. I told him ‘you are like a father to me’ but he did not like that and I had to pay for that. He was angry. He said ‘take her out of here’. I remember that day I was too scared and shaking. The next day, I was told go back home. He terminated my scholarship. From that day he stopped helping me,” the witness told Commission.

The unidentified witness said at one point Jammeh did something, “I think he released the prisoners, people he said they were going to be killed. To me that was an achievement, so I congratulated him. He said that was the first time someone is saying this. He said ‘come and hug me’. I did, then he said ‘sit next to me’ which I did. Then he held my hand and rubbed his finger on my palm. I felt awkward, then I got up and left him. He got angry”.
She alleged that Jammeh held sex sessions to satisfy his libido without protection and when the girls get pregnant, they are told to abort it.

“A particular girl got pregnant they had to abort it immediately. I had to take her to abort it to the hospital. If you fail to succumb to his (Jammeh) advances, you risked being sacked,” she alleged.

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