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Jawo in talks with GDC to run for Banjul Mayor

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By Omar Bah

Ebrima Jawo, former Gambian youth activist, volunteer and actor, now resident in the UK has returned home yesterday and confirmed on arrival that he will run for Mayor of Banjul in next April’s local government elections.

Speaking on arrival at the airport, Jawo also disclosed that he is most likely to run for GDC with which he said a deal is very near or sealed even though he was also talking to the UDP.
“We have been talking with UDP and GDC, but as we speak now most likely we would be going with the GDC, although nothing is signed yet but I believe an agreement has already been reached,” he explained.
On why he wants to run for the job, Jawo said: “I believe this is the right time for us the young people to take up the mantle of leadership and change the status quo. That is the reason why I want to contest for the Mayoral election.”

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He said although he had lived away from Banjul for the past ten years, he was approached by the people of Banjul on the matter.
“I feel really ashamed of the state of Banjul whenever I come to The Gambia because I am a Banjulian.
“As a senior housing officer and giving the fact that we have not got social housing in the Gambia, I would introduce social housing if I get elected as a Mayor.” he said.
Jawo said Banjul has 38% of its land not being used because it is covered with mangroves and there are also some old structures and schools that are also not occupied which are all areas that can be used for social housing.

“The other thing is the issue of youth unemployment, because looking at the number of young people who are leaving the country to Europe through the Backway we need to find incentives for them to stay,” he said.
He said the energy sector will also be part of his plans, because without reliable energy supply there cannot be any development.

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