Judge orders state to file indictment in NIA officials’ trial


By Baba Sillah Justice Kumba Sillah -Camara of High Court in Banjul has ordered the state counsel to file a bill of indictment in the murder trial of the former director general of National Intelligence Agency, Yankuba Badgie and eight others on or before next week when the officials are expected to stand trial before the court. Justice Camara made the order following the state request for adjournment, as the accused persons were not in court when the case was mentioned yesterday. When the case was called, the state counsel, O Danso informed the court that they have contacted the prison authorities about the case but she was informed that they were not aware that the accused persons should appear in court yesterday. State Counsel Danso consequently craved the indulgence of the court to grant her adjournment in order for the accused persons to appear on the next adjourned date and also to enable her to file the bill of indictments on or before the next hearing of the matter. The trial judge, Justice Camara granted her prayers and ordered her to file the bill of indictment before adjourning the case to March 13 for mentioning. Yankuba Badgie, the former director general of National Intelligence Agency now renamed as the State Intelligence Service (SIS) and eight others are being tried on charges of conspiracy and murder for taking part in the murder of Solo Sandeng, the youth leader of the Opposition United Democratic Party (UDP). Mr Badgie and co however denied any responsibility for the death of Mr Sandeng when they were initially arraigned before a Magistrates Court in Banjul two weeks ago before the matter was referred to the High Court which has the jurisdiction to hear the matter since the crime is a capital offence. The other accused persons he is charged along side are: Louise Gomez, the deputy, Saikou Omar Jeng director of operations, Haruna Suso, Yusupha Jammeh, Lamin Lang Sanyang, Tamba Masireh, Lamin Darboe and Babucarr Sallah. CE Mene, Emmanuel E Chime, Badou S Conteh and Babucarr Boye appeared for Mr Badgie while EE Chime represented Louise Gomez.]]>